cognitive readiness emotional intelligence Oct 18, 2023

What is it about famous stories like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, or The Lion King? What makes them stand the test of time? How can people of all generations watch these stories and all enjoy them?

Because these are stories of self awareness.

How many people feel as though they're just floating through life being pushed and pulled by other people, told how to think by an outside society, and dictated what to do by forces that don’t even know they exist.

Self awareness is your ability to understand what makes you you including your personality, values, beliefs, emotions, actions, and thoughts.

It empowers us to influence our own outcomes, helps us become better decision makers, and gives us more confidence. We improve communication with clarity and intention. Self awareness allows us to understand things from multiple perspectives and frees us from assumptions and biases.

And that’s what makes these stories so enticing: watching the characters go from being influenced, manipulated, and in fear to being in control, confident, and powerful.

But these stories can also make finding self awareness look so easy. Sprinkle in a pocket watch carrying rabbit, some flying monkeys, and a singing warthog, and poof, you’re self aware.

It takes more effort than people want to give, and you don’t always get the support of conveniently placed sidekicks. But, that shouldn’t mean you should give up either.

At the very least, hit up your favorite search engine or AI, and type in self awareness to get started. Here are some resources that I have shared successfully with many others.

Self awareness is a key part of emotional intelligence (EQ). Don’t just think EQ is about reading other people’s emotions, it begins with understanding your own. Think back to the safety briefing, you always ignore, before every airplane takes off. You put your oxygen mask on before helping others. You need to understand yourself before you can understand others.

Once you understand yourself, you can understand how others see you, and from there, you can transform into exactly who you want to be.

No more fear, no more exploitation. Be secure, be assertive, be you.

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