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Hi, I'm Doug

Acclaimed Summit Owner and Lead Instructor


After years of working as a project engineer and product engineering manager, it was time to go after my passion to help and teach others. After an obsession to get better myself, I put my knowledge into trainings and courses, and now, I help more people than ever before. 

Today, I guide others to find career success.

People ask why I would leave my successful engineering career to teach others. Simple! I want to share the joy and fulfillment of an exciting career with as many people as possible.

Doug Barna, Leadership Coach and Trainer
Strategy & Mindset

I haven’t just been teaching folks how to be amazing to their teammates and themselves, I’ve been doing it myself. Basically, when I started to lead teams, I couldn’t understand how or why people just didn’t get it.

We all knew we needed to get things done, we all knew what the customer wanted… or so I thought. Once I spun that around and started thinking that people had no idea what was really going on, everything changed.

I began putting together, what I call, Personal Energizers. They are a way to observe others, put a plan in place to lead and communicate, and steer individuals and teams to the goal.

I share my teachings on Personal Energizers though my courses, videos, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions. I am personally energized to see my students go from frustrated to fulfilled.


Technical people are great at seeing patterns, using these patterns along with theorems, constants, and equations to solve problems. So, everything I teach builds patterns along with consistency to aide logical problem solvers in overcoming the issues of working with others.

My life centers around a foundation of organized, efficient projects. It's the reason I have so much free time to do the things I want to do and which I enjoy. I'm heartbroken for those that are overworked, busy, and never have time to relax and enjoy life.

This is exactly what and how I teach my students. We build a foundation of efficient tasks, organized in just the right way, to free you up to get more done and have time to enjoy each day.

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